12/4 11:40pm - Unfortunately, Iota broke out downward which extends this trade, expecting break out to be next week. May go as low as $3 before bouncing off to return bull'ish.

This is a short trade, for anybody crazy enough to want to short Iota, because this coin should be stashed away and never traded away for 2 years minimum. It's the best coin to blow up! But anyways... big consolidation happening in a pennant pattern.

One would assume it is a continuation of the upward trend from before, but it also depends on what Bitcoin wants to do as well. If Bitcoin is still kind of going sideways around the $17,000 - $18,000 range this week (as I predict in my other post) then Iota is very likely to break up.

Catch it at an entry point alittle more than $5 to guarantee you get in on the action & to make sure it is indeed a break up. If it does break; I'd say $7 is a good price it'll reach or peak at.

It can break out any time between now and Friday. But me personally; I don't care about Iota's price or any movements, I'm holding this bad boy until 2019.

Happy Trading!

p.s. - This will be my last prediction chart I post until Friday. I've got some hella work to get done, mainly my course!

Disclaimer: Crypto-currency trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. It is your responsibility to research, confirm, and decide which trades to make. read more
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James Fend is a crypto swing trader. James uses calculated strategy to spot coins primed for a breakout and profits when it peaks. Outside of crypto; James is the Founder of Helpify and Feedbackz and specializes in inbound marketing and design.