This trade is for advanced crypto traders only. If you have FOMG (fear of missing gains) and can't sit for more than 4 hours without jumping coin to coin; you have no business with this one.

You must be able to sit through any big swings Bitcoin will cause in the market since it will be pumping.

DASH will bring in early Coinbase speculators trying to gain early position. Also DASH has no where else but to go up from here. Expect a break out to at least $1800, I'm expecting much higher though.

Happy trading!

Disclaimer: Crypto-currency trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. It is your responsibility to research, confirm, and decide which trades to make. read more
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James Fend is a crypto swing trader. James uses calculated strategy to spot coins primed for a breakout and profits when it peaks. Outside of crypto; James is the Founder of Helpify and Feedbackz and specializes in inbound marketing and design.