TRX Ready for 25%+ Pump

1/1 9:00pm – Pump happened like clock work. I sold at 460 to re-buy back in at targeted 380 dip bottom.

I’m getting back into the swing of things of posting my trade moves regularly now.

TRX Tron positioned to break out because:

1) Flood of new alt investors who ventured out of Coinbase for first time to jump on the Ripple train.

2) New investors see cheap cheap coin price and high volume. Irresistable bargain price.

3) Cryptical analysis of market trend is that no coins last long below $.05 or ten cents.

4) Alts are the 2017 Bitcoin.

5) TRX has great team with great communicating leader especially after the XVG disaster.

I bought in at 310 entry point. I took loss on XVG to leave so I could get great position in this coin. Will ride it out and likely take advantage of more coins during the dips. I will ride this to $.08 and beyond.