Bitcoin To $18,300 Tuesday, Then $22,000 By Sunday Then CME DAY

12/18 11:13am – Did not break $20k line which was surprising given it’s past performances, only profit was off the wave from $17k to $19k.
12/14 12:09am – The 100%+ rally by Litecoin put a damper on Bitcoin’s price during the week. Over-estimated by about $1,500.. however, the exact pattern happened as predicted including the rally that started on Friday. Predicting the pattern trend is more important than getting the exact price.

Whoa…. I’m kind of speechless. So I went out on a super-limb and my last prediction came true. With the exception of it dropping to $13,000 than my previously suggested $15,000. (some very important changes to my December Market Corrections prediction since it hit $13,000, please see my update post!)

People thought I was crazy all day yesterday when I said it will climb back to $17,000 before CBOE launches. But I stood strong behind my cryptical analysis even when I’m saying something is going to jump $4,000 in one day out of no where.

But okay, enough about me.. let’s break this one down..

Bitcoin will break $17,000 tonight and will grow all day Monday as news spreads around that Bitcoin shut down CBOE and “futures made Bitcoin grow”. By Tuesday evening, Bitcoin will be in the mid $18,000’s (let’s say $18,300) where it will hover around this new floor for the rest of the week until about Friday.

On Friday evening/night, (now please don’t think I am crazy) but my analysis is saying it will have a 25% rally (or more!) for the weekend. Yes, I am saying Bitcoin will be $22,000 (or more) by Sunday evening of next week.

NOW… this is the scary part. When CME does come on board and go live with their futures that Monday morning. You must absolutely watch Bitcoin – It will either be World War 3.. or Complete Euphoria. BUT… you must not sell before CME starts it’s futures trading and have Bitcoin on hand that Monday.

Because IF Bitcoin survives CME without a market correction, it will shoot straight up and have a clear path to $25,000 before the year is out – the risk of missing this possible rally is greater than losing some if thing don’t go well that Monday and we find ourselves heading towards a small correction.

Now before Bitcoin dropped to $13,000 (instead of just $15,000 as I originally called out) I thought CME would have totally started a market correction. But by it going down so far; it shook off a ton of weak handed investors already. That may have been the correction. Which in itself is scary because corrections have been lasting wayyy shorter and drops have been way smaller.

With that said, with CME – I am leaning on the Complete Euphoria. IF this does happen, there is nothing stopping us from hitting $25,000 in December. However; $25,000 will be the absolute peak here, so as soon as we peak touch $25k, there will be a big natural pull-back due very shortly after, as lots of investors will pull profits and this $25,000 number being another big psychological price point.

I will update more on that later when I can gather more signals for a solid analysis. It will be posted by Friday. With that said; I really have to go ‘ghost’ for a few days to concentrate on finishing my course. It is going to be fuckin’ awesome and will help so many to make some major profits & minimal losses! I am teaching every single thing I know..

But until then Happy Trading!