Bitcoin Dip To $15,000, Climb To Mid $15,000s, Then Break Out To $17,000

I think the chart is pretty self-explanatory. I was extremely bogged down from trading, running my other businesses, and creating the course. And unfortuantely; I wasn’t able to write the logic part to go with this chart in time.

Obviously; everything has already happened to exactly when I posted this days ago! The only exception being that the price dropped below $15,000 to $13,000’s instead. This really surprised me & actually throws a wrench into my prediction about a market correction coming from CME. It changes the way you have to play Bitcoin as this week comes near an end.

The rally obviously happened to touch $17k or very close to it. Now that we are on December 10th, I will go into more detail explaining what I see for this coming week and how to play CME.

One thing I do want to note is that I use a combination of everything I have learned when I first started (aka a huge learning curve that cost me losing alot of money) + technical analysis + cryptical analysis + market analysis. Alot of people ask me how in the world I predict what is going to happen so well.. that’s how I do it lol.

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