Entire Market Goes Bear As Bitcoin Goes To $13,000s

I was going to write a long post here but I think it’s pretty much self explanatory.

Bitcoin to likely go to $13,000s bringing down the entire market for the next day or two.

Quit gambling in a bear market. Fiat is your friend here.

As we near the “bottom”, pour everything you got into great alts that you like with good news coming around the corner.

Boom. Done.

Happy trading.


DASH Breakout To All Time High This Week

This trade is for advanced crypto traders only. If you have FOMG (fear of missing gains) and can’t sit for more than 4 hours without jumping coin to coin; you have no business with this one.

You must be able to sit through any big swings Bitcoin will cause in the market since it will be pumping.

DASH will bring in early Coinbase speculators trying to gain early position. Also DASH has no where else but to go up from here. Expect a break out to at least $1800, I’m expecting much higher though.

Happy trading!


XLM Stellar Another 30% Pump Left

Stellar XLM is super bullish at the moment and will likely face no big retrace from it’s pumps due to Coinbase rumors keeping the floor support line high.

Flood of new first time alt investors from Coinbase are learning about Stellar XLM from wondernig away from Ripple.

Great coin, great future. WILL get added onto Coinbase sometime in Q1 2018. But the pattern is new pumps set the new floors. At least for this next pump as well.

It will need a small dip to trigger buys from bots and others. I have buy set at 3370.. if it triggers. Trade is active.. If not, then around this time is when TRX should be nearing 380ish anyways.


TRX Ready for 25%+ Pump

1/1 9:00pm – Pump happened like clock work. I sold at 460 to re-buy back in at targeted 380 dip bottom.

I’m getting back into the swing of things of posting my trade moves regularly now.

TRX Tron positioned to break out because:

1) Flood of new alt investors who ventured out of Coinbase for first time to jump on the Ripple train.

2) New investors see cheap cheap coin price and high volume. Irresistable bargain price.

3) Cryptical analysis of market trend is that no coins last long below $.05 or ten cents.

4) Alts are the 2017 Bitcoin.

5) TRX has great team with great communicating leader especially after the XVG disaster.

I bought in at 310 entry point. I took loss on XVG to leave so I could get great position in this coin. Will ride it out and likely take advantage of more coins during the dips. I will ride this to $.08 and beyond.


IOTA Ready For Breakout, More Than Likely Upward To $7

12/4 11:40pm – Unfortunately, Iota broke out downward which extends this trade, expecting break out to be next week. May go as low as $3 before bouncing off to return bull’ish.

This is a short trade, for anybody crazy enough to want to short Iota, because this coin should be stashed away and never traded away for 2 years minimum. It’s the best coin to blow up! But anyways… big consolidation happening in a pennant pattern.

One would assume it is a continuation of the upward trend from before, but it also depends on what Bitcoin wants to do as well. If Bitcoin is still kind of going sideways around the $17,000 – $18,000 range this week (as I predict in my other post) then Iota is very likely to break up.

Catch it at an entry point alittle more than $5 to guarantee you get in on the action & to make sure it is indeed a break up. If it does break; I’d say $7 is a good price it’ll reach or peak at.

It can break out any time between now and Friday. But me personally; I don’t care about Iota’s price or any movements, I’m holding this bad boy until 2019.

Happy Trading!


Bitcoin To $18,300 Tuesday, Then $22,000 By Sunday Then CME DAY

12/18 11:13am – Did not break $20k line which was surprising given it’s past performances, only profit was off the wave from $17k to $19k.
12/14 12:09am – The 100%+ rally by Litecoin put a damper on Bitcoin’s price during the week. Over-estimated by about $1,500.. however, the exact pattern happened as predicted including the rally that started on Friday. Predicting the pattern trend is more important than getting the exact price.

Whoa…. I’m kind of speechless. So I went out on a super-limb and my last prediction came true. With the exception of it dropping to $13,000 than my previously suggested $15,000. (some very important changes to my December Market Corrections prediction since it hit $13,000, please see my update post!)

People thought I was crazy all day yesterday when I said it will climb back to $17,000 before CBOE launches. But I stood strong behind my cryptical analysis even when I’m saying something is going to jump $4,000 in one day out of no where.

But okay, enough about me.. let’s break this one down..

Bitcoin will break $17,000 tonight and will grow all day Monday as news spreads around that Bitcoin shut down CBOE and “futures made Bitcoin grow”. By Tuesday evening, Bitcoin will be in the mid $18,000’s (let’s say $18,300) where it will hover around this new floor for the rest of the week until about Friday.

On Friday evening/night, (now please don’t think I am crazy) but my analysis is saying it will have a 25% rally (or more!) for the weekend. Yes, I am saying Bitcoin will be $22,000 (or more) by Sunday evening of next week.

NOW… this is the scary part. When CME does come on board and go live with their futures that Monday morning. You must absolutely watch Bitcoin – It will either be World War 3.. or Complete Euphoria. BUT… you must not sell before CME starts it’s futures trading and have Bitcoin on hand that Monday.

Because IF Bitcoin survives CME without a market correction, it will shoot straight up and have a clear path to $25,000 before the year is out – the risk of missing this possible rally is greater than losing some if thing don’t go well that Monday and we find ourselves heading towards a small correction.

Now before Bitcoin dropped to $13,000 (instead of just $15,000 as I originally called out) I thought CME would have totally started a market correction. But by it going down so far; it shook off a ton of weak handed investors already. That may have been the correction. Which in itself is scary because corrections have been lasting wayyy shorter and drops have been way smaller.

With that said, with CME – I am leaning on the Complete Euphoria. IF this does happen, there is nothing stopping us from hitting $25,000 in December. However; $25,000 will be the absolute peak here, so as soon as we peak touch $25k, there will be a big natural pull-back due very shortly after, as lots of investors will pull profits and this $25,000 number being another big psychological price point.

I will update more on that later when I can gather more signals for a solid analysis. It will be posted by Friday. With that said; I really have to go ‘ghost’ for a few days to concentrate on finishing my course. It is going to be fuckin’ awesome and will help so many to make some major profits & minimal losses! I am teaching every single thing I know..

But until then Happy Trading!


Bitcoin Dip To $15,000, Climb To Mid $15,000s, Then Break Out To $17,000

I think the chart is pretty self-explanatory. I was extremely bogged down from trading, running my other businesses, and creating the course. And unfortuantely; I wasn’t able to write the logic part to go with this chart in time.

Obviously; everything has already happened to exactly when I posted this days ago! The only exception being that the price dropped below $15,000 to $13,000’s instead. This really surprised me & actually throws a wrench into my prediction about a market correction coming from CME. It changes the way you have to play Bitcoin as this week comes near an end.

The rally obviously happened to touch $17k or very close to it. Now that we are on December 10th, I will go into more detail explaining what I see for this coming week and how to play CME.

One thing I do want to note is that I use a combination of everything I have learned when I first started (aka a huge learning curve that cost me losing alot of money) + technical analysis + cryptical analysis + market analysis. Alot of people ask me how in the world I predict what is going to happen so well.. that’s how I do it lol.

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What Is Cryptical Analysis – Signals Found Only In Bitcoin & Crypto Trading

Trading crypto is different than stocks and anything else man kind has ever seen. It is a different ball game with different rules (and lack of rules) so we can’t go about trading the same way. It is the Wild Wild West.

One big thing about crypto trading is that there is a whole new category of signals and analysis no other financial asset has ever shown. So I created and started using the term: Cryptical Analysis – and hope that it will catch on in the crytpo trading world.

What Is Cryptical Analysis?

If you rely solely on technical analysis or your typical market analysis or methods/theories that apply to an asset (that has existed & can be defined) – it is a huge handicap and you will never trade better than a seasoned crypto trader.

It takes a balanced combo of cryptical analysis, technical analysis, and market analysis – and more importantly, when to weigh on what analysis in different situations.

As a seasoned crypto trader.. every day, I have to re-explain myself over and over again to new investors (or even experienced traders) these differences.. or hell. even just finding a name that defines this whole group of signal differences. And market analysis does not work; this is deeper, unique, and specialized..

Cryptical Analysis is:

  • Analyzing the relationship between Bitcoin and Alt coins.
  • Signals of manipulation from whales and pump & dump groups.
  • Consistencies found within crypto’s own crazy volatility.
  • Trends & patterns within each sub-culture of exchanges.
  • Deep psychology of new investors, in particular with the fomo phenomenon.
  • Knowing when and when not to apply technical analysis or existing trade theories.
  • Other growth that defies previous trading logic.

Those are just the things off the top of my head, and I will update this list as things come up in my day to day that I may have forgot. For now; I think it’s good start – and instead of me (or you) having to explain over and over again – just send them to this page.

I hope we can all just start using Cryptical Analysis instead! Reminder; this is not to replace market analysis – this is adding on a whole new category. One I think this world-changing tech deserves.