The Why’s: Good Design + Good Content Always Win

Short but sweet.

Design – Businesses who spend money on good design (especially in web properties) look to “appear more put together” right off bat. Potential visitors see the company put time/energy/focus on making good design; they figure the product will follow suit. Bad design has the opposite effect.

The other thing is Content. Much the same, and not often recognized by online marketers. The reason why good content, and I mean real good content wins is because people can feel the time/energy/focus put into their writing. They figure this same passion will spill over into the product.

Bad (or content clearly and solely written for leads and SEO) content has an opposite effect. People are not dumb anymore in 2015; people can read right through whether the content was written to really provide value through genuineness or…  something written to scratch it off a “to-do” list… because some SEO blog told them to pump out content to win.

Well Done Apple, Well Done. Reason Why Apple Is A Crave Product

Every now and then you get brands that people crave. The kind of brand that people will wait all day in line for..  what makes these brands that much better than others? They are extremely gifted at showing people the “why” in their products and not the features of what the product can do for you… it builds an emotional connection and people love to stand by something they can feel proud of that stands behind something they believe in themselves.


A Stanford Student Asked For My Splash-Page Screenshots, I Gave Him This Instead

Last week, Matt (a current student of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business) emailed me about a presentation workshop he was putting together for class. He asked for screenshots of my old landing splash page that I used to generate 300+ email signups while building my startup app, Freelancify. Since the presentation he was doing was about landing-splash pages in general. I decided to take it a step further and quickly hacked this ‘Hello Stanford’ together for him to use:




Jeremy Lin

5 Things Your Startup Should Take Away From Jeremy Lin’s Underdog Story

Jeremy Lin, a Palo Alto native, recently emerged as a breakout star for the New York Knicks after being undrafted/dropped by several teams. Not only has he broken many barriers statistically speaking, but also overcoming relentless struggles and racial barriers. His story has won the hearts of the nation.

Jeremy Lin. How does he relate to my startup or entrepreneurial path? Besides just out-right hustling.. there’s much more that meets the eye.

1. Be Uncomfortable. Take Risks.

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